Do you have ripples in your hallway of living room?  Many carpets today need to be restretched 2-5 years after they are installed.

Think it is time for new carpet? People spend millions of dollars in replacing perfectly good carpet year after year. All these people have one thing in common: they did not know about proper carpet stretching.

In this economy we can't afford to waste money on replacing carpet that does not need replacement. Professional carpet stretching removes, waves, wrinkles, buckles that have formed in your carpet making your carpet unappealing and unsafe.  Professionl carpet stretching may be able to save you from the costly act of replacing your carpet.

Why Power Stretching Is Important

Carpet manufacturers and the Carpet and Rug Institute have recommended that new carpets at the time of installation are to be power stretched. Most installers are underpaid and are paid by the yard so rather than use the recommended power stretching tool which takes more time and effort, they just kick it in.  Usually if not installed with a power stretcher, new carpet will begin to ripple and wave in about 24 months. In addition, most flooring companies only guarantee installations for one year. But improper carpet installation will make your warranty null and void.  When your carpet is stretched by Best Services, Inc. you can expect more life and better performance from your carpet. We will give you a lifetime warranty. Call today for a Free In-Home Estimate 770-941-0411


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